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Professional Genealogy Research Services
in Italy

Old photo archive
Immigrant's ship SS Carpathia
  • Tracing Your Italian Roots

  • Finding Your Unknown Ancestor

  • Researching Living Relatives

  • Organizing Family Reunions


What can we do for you?

Italian immigrant family

Where did your family come from?

  • What was their town of origin?

  • What was their life like?

  • When did they immigrate to America?


Our team of experts has successfully handled over 150 cases, achieving an impressive 98.3% success rate.

Italian soldiers of WW1
Italian Orphanage near Messina

A foundling in your family?

  • What was his life like?

  • Did he grew in an orphanage or in a foster family?

  • Where, when?


We have an impressive track record in tracing a foundling’s origin and, in some cases, also one or both of his parents.

Living relatives and heir research

  • Would you like to meet relatives during your next trip to Italy?

  • Did anyone die abroad with no known heirs?

  • Is there perhaps a distant cousin in Italy who could claim his heritage?


GenTech has experience in helping clients and law firms answer these questions.

Heir research report

Family Matters!

After tracing your relatives, GenTech can organize a family reunion: the best way for reconnecting to your roots.

We can take care of the entire event, including catering, accommodation, local travels.​

What will you get?

Our reports are designed for «bringing back to life» your ancestors, and will include:

  • A narrative story of your ancestors

  • Family Charts

  • Official records

Genealogical family report

Walt C., CA

“…each report results in telling the whole story around peoples lives. It is not just “name, rank and serial number” that you provide. You add color to their lives and struggles. In Reports 1 and 5, you’ve made A.P. especially, a real 3-D person from birth to death….”

Gene C., NH

"PAOLO!!! Report #2 was wonderful … lots of new information and the whole family is excited about the connection to folks we met at the event."

Steve C., VA

"... I am the youngest of eleven children.  My siblings who are still alive are in their eighties and nineties.  They have all been overjoyed to learn the information you provided. Several told me they did not think they would ever learn about our family in Italy."

Paolo Venturini GenTech founder

Paolo Venturini

GenTech's founder

A seasoned genealogy expert with 10+ years’ experience, Paolo holds degrees in Classical Studies and Electronic Engineering. With a career spanning top management roles in global industries, he specializes in Italian roots and foreign ancestry research. Registered with key online archives in countries like Italy, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Monaco, South Africa, The Netherlands, UK, and the US, Paolo navigates parish archives across multiple dioceses. Proficient in Italian, English, and French, he adeptly deciphers ancient documents in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese. Using genealogy software, he crafted 120+ comprehensive ancestral reports for clients across the USA, UK, South America, and Italy."

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Ask the former generation  and find out what their ancestors learned, for we were born only yesterday and know nothing,
and our days on earth
are but a shadow….

Job 8:8-9 NIV

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